parenthood braverman 'Parenthood': Team Braverman decides Max can't handle the truthAdam and family prepare to participate in the Autism Walk, all wearing fancy new sneakers provided by Adam’s company. The only problem is that Max thinks they’re just doing it as a good deed, because no one told him that he’s on the spectrum. Adam and Christine debate telling him, and Christine talks to his doctor, but ultimately they decide to wait. Bet that’s not going to blow up in their faces in a future episode. Oh, and they totally win the walk!

But that’s no thanks to Sarah and her family. Haddie and Amber get into a fistfight at school which results in Haddie blurting out to their respective parents that Amber slept with Steve, even though Amber says she’ll stay away from Steve now. Sarah takes Amber’s side, Christine takes Haddie’s side, and Adam tries to stay neutral. Haddie’s friends torture Amber at school, even painting “Whore” on her locker. Haddie starts to feel bad for her cousin and goes to talk to her, where she walks in on Amber and Steve kissing. Oops.

Julia gets a useless storyline that, based on episode descriptions, was actually supposed to be in next week’s episode. She joins the Angel Network at her kid’s school, which provides meals and comfort to parents in need. Julia brings store-bought soup to a woman who is recovering from breast implant surgery, and they both judge each other. Eventually, Julia confesses that her parents are splitting up, and Boobs McGee confesses that her husband left her for a younger woman, and they bond.

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