william baldwin2 getty 'Parenthood': William Baldwin bosses Peter Krause around“Parenthood” will stage a little “Dirty Sexy Money” reunion this fall.

William Baldwin, who starred with Peter Krause on the late ABC series, will have a recurring part on Season 2 of “Parenthood” as Adam’s (Krause) boss, Gordon Flint. He’ll also have a “romantic entaglement” with Adam’s sister Sarah (Lauren Graham), who’s going to work at the shoe company where Adam works, executive producer Jason Katims says.

“He’s kind of a larger-than-life, big-picture sort of guy,” Katims says of Baldwin’s character. “We like the idea that Adam is the guy who does everything to keep the company going, and [Gordon] is the one who gets all the credit and the money.”

Katims also says that when word came that Baldwin might be available for the part, Krause gave a strong endorsement of his former co-star to “Parenthood’s” producers.

Baldwin, who did an arc on “Gossip Girl” last season, will show up in the first couple episodes of “Parenthood’s” new season, which premieres Tuesday, Sept. 21.

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Posted by:Rick Porter