nelson krause parenthood 320 'Parenthood': You Ask, I Answer

A quick Q&A on my latest obsession, “Parenthood”

Korbi, I’m so glad you have discovered “Parenthood”! How amazing is it?! -Jess Carter

It’s my new favorite show, not going to lie. I’ve fully fallen for the Bravermans. It’s most definitely displaying “Friday Night Lights”-like quality. Hats off to executive producer Jason Katims and whomever else is responsible for this network television perfection.
Sidenote: “Friday Night Lights” returns to NBC this week, so stay tuned for some serious obsessive coverage from Korbi TV.
Any “Parenthood” scoop for us? -GG312
Grandpa’s money problems won’t stay secret for much longer. 
“Parenthood”!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Maria
Though Amber seems to be making progress, sending the old boyfriend back home and putting a little smile on her mommy’s face, things will only get worse with her and her family … especially when she starts dating cousin Hattie’s boyfriend Steve. And it’s serious.
The good news is Hattie won’t have to worry about her dad busting into Steve’s bedroom during a make-out session again…

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