lauren graham peter krause 'Parenthood's' Lauren Graham on dating Peter Krause and aging gracefullyOkay, so maybe “Gilmore Girls” has been dead for well over three years now, but we still want Lauren Graham to adopt us and drag us to Friday night dinners in Hartford. We wouldn’t even mind her weird highlights or how often she embarrasses us in front of that cute boy at the grocery store.

]]>“Parenthood,” which remains a critical darling despite floundering ratings, and she’s got a super hot man in her life – co-star Peter Krause, who was so cool on “Six Feet Under” that we can ignore the ick-factor of shacking up with her on-screen brother. Krause helps Graham stay in shape — no, not like that, you pervs. “It’s really helpful being with someone who’s active,” Graham tells Parade. “His thing is to do something every day, even if it’s just sweating for 20 minutes–go up a hill or take a walk after dinner — instead of feeling like it has to be an hour and a half or it’s not worth it.” The magazine asked Graham, who is 43, about aging. We’re not sure why, since she’s obviously still flawless (adopt us!). “There’s nothing I can do about it except enjoy it,” she said. “I didn’t grow up identifying with beauty. I grew up thinking I could be smart and funny–those are the things I got feedback on.” Even if we all still pop in the DVDs when we’ve had a bad day, Graham has moved on from “Gilmore Girls.” She remembers her time on the show as a little bit stressful, noting that at the time, her life was all about “wanting to achieve something by a certain age. I’m not pressuring myself that way anymore.” Which leaves room for Krause. (And some adopted grown-ups, perhaps.) “It’s no accident that I’m in a great relationship now. I don’t think there was room for it before,” she says. “I just feel like I’m ready, and the resistance I’ve had in life or the anxiety about really committing–I don’t have that as much anymore. I find time for solitude when I need it, but this is unique in that I’m happy just to go to the store with him.” The fact that they’re playing brother and sister helps them leave their relationship at home when they go to work together. “It’s easier that we’re playing brother and sister. We are very professional. We don’t want to make anybody feel weird and we don’t want to feel weird. And then we go home and share the day,” she says. They even have Scrabble battles on their iPhones. Have you ever heard anything more adorable? P.S. Lauren Graham, seriously. Adopt us.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie