Paris-Hilton.jpgWe’re sorry to do this to you. Really, we are. Paris Hilton has released a new video and since misery loves company, we felt the need to share it with you. “Drunk Text” is the newest musical atrocity from the blond heiress, who doesn’t even bother singing this time around. She just mutters. Well, there’s that at least.

The video was released on YouTube, but taken down. The copy below is from Perez TV. The is the first song off her upcoming album featuring LMFAO and Grammy Award-winning deejay Afrojack. Well, maybe we can listen to the parts they’re in.

In the video, we get to watch Paris being Paris while discussing the dangers of drunk texting with lines like, “I went out to the club the other night, to you know, dance with my b****s,” and “It was just a drunk text, in my head I was writing a fiction of us. Behind my eyes I was begging for things that my
lips would never ask. My mouth kept pouring desperate calls with random
intent. He asked me if he could text me later.”

Even better,
“I’m too lazy to type, so I sent a photo I took up a dancer’s skirt and I tell him to come and get it.” There are lines about pimps and bottle service … oh just watch. We’re sorry in advance.

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