Life is getting pretty serious for Hollywood’s perennial Party Girls.

Paris Hilton is still in the pokey for driving on a suspended license. The jail bird is reportedly looking pretty without makeup, say her visiting friends, and learning how to make Father’s Day Cards. Oh, and she’s found God. Who knew he was missing?

Now comes word that her "Simple Life" partner/pal Nicole Richie faces a maximum 90 day stay in jail, if she’s convicted of her recent DUI. Richie’s trial is now set for July 11. Might be tough to convince a judge/jury since cops say that she confessed to having smoked pot and taken Vicodin.

Even more interesting, Lindsay Lohan, safely tucked away in rehab after crashing her car a few weeks ago, faces further consquences from a past car accident. Raymundo Ortega has filed suit against the actress/singer for hitting his vehicle on Robertson Boulevard in October 2005. Also named in the suit: the Ivy restaurant, where she was having lunch just before she crashed her Mercedez Benz into Ortega’s van. The suit – filed in LA by attorney Robert G. Klein, claims Lindsay’s crash was caused not by fear of the paparazzi but by intoxication.

Photo Credits: Will Lindsay have to ask Paris for prison beauty tips?
Talk about Truth or Consequences.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead