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Paris Hilton gets fake presidential advice — and gives some — to Martin Sheen, who played a fake POTUS on NBC’s political drama "The West Wing."

Paris called Ryan Seacrest this morning from London, where she is trying to find a British BFF, and said that the video was spur of the moment. She said she was having a party in her gated Hollywood Hills home last week, which is just up the street from Charlie Sheen’s house.

That’s how Martin Sheen ended up coming over to shoot this video.

Frankly, Paris offers more sound solutions than Barack Obama and John McCain put together during last night’s debate.

We hear that Paris has posed for the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar, wearing a bikini in front of a pink White House, and has written a piece on what she would do if she is elected fake president.

No HB confirmation but since Harper’s got major mileage from their Tyra Banks/Michelle Obama photo spread, it might be true.

And if you want to show your support for Paris for president (and who doesn’t) click here for her T-shirts.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead