amy-poehler-chris-pratt-parks-and-rec-s5-premiere.JPGThe season premiere of “Parks and Recreation” takes Leslie (Amy Poehler) to Washington — as you’ve seen in multiple preview clips for Thursday’s (Sept. 20) episode.

But after she takes in the smell of bills becoming laws, how does her whirlwind trip to the nation’s capital treat her? Read on to discover how it goes, along with three more things to watch for in the season premiere, “Ms. Knope Goes to Washington.”

D.C. is a rough town. Though Leslie is beyond excited to visit Ben (Adam Scott) in Washington and to present her proposal for cleaning up the Pawnee River, her trip doesn’t go quite as planned. Ben is swamped with work, the “sweet sugar of bureaucracy” turns pretty sour and she suffers a bit of a crisis of confidence. A somewhat unlikely source manages to buck her up, though.

A man and his meat. With Leslie out, Ron (Nick Offerman) decides to run the parks department employee appreciation barbecue — or, as it was previously known, the “Leslie Knope Employment Enjoyment Summerslam Grill Jam Funsplosion.” As you might guess, Ron is really concerned with just one aspect of the cookout — the meat — and his dedication to his craft doesn’t go over as well with the rest of the staff.

Tom and Ann: A … story. You’ll learn how Tom (Aziz Ansari) and Ann’s (Rashida Jones) drunken pact to move in together from the end of last season worked out. We won’t spoil it, but there’s quite a bit of glitter involved.

Andy Dwyer, tour guide. Stay through the bit over the closing credits to watch Andy (Chris Pratt) drop some little-known facts about a Washington landmark. Little-known because they’re, you know, made up.

What are you looking forward to on this season of “Parks and Rec”?

Posted by:Rick Porter