parks and recreation reiner nbc 'Parks and Recreation': A 'Campaign Shake Up' and tough decisions for RonOK, fine, we accept that Paul Rudd can’t be with us every week on “Parks and Recreation” (he’ll be back, though, don’t worry), but Bobby Newport’s new campaign manager Jennifer Barkley played by Kathryn Hahn made for a dandy replacement.

But that didn’t make us dislike her any less for coming in and disrupting Leslie’s (Amy Poehler) campaign with her “brilliant sexy little hummingbird” of a campaign manager Ben (Adam Scott) and stealing away the support of Ned Jones (Carl Reiner).

But one of our favorite moments Thursday (March 1) night was from Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman), naturally, equating his tough decision at the office with a warm childhood memory about slaughtering his pet calves. And as a bonus, we have a deleted scene in which Ron gives us some insights on his well-oiled machine of a department. Check out the clips while we go have some egg salad with Colin Powell and update our celebrity sex list to include Joe Biden.


Posted by:Jennifer Harper