andy samberg parks rec 320 'Parks and Recreation': Andy Samberg and guest star philosophy“Parks and Recreation” will host a mini-“Saturday Night Live” reunion on Thursday (March 18) when Andy Samberg guest stars opposite his former castmate Amy Poehler.

Samberg is playing Carl, the head of security for the Pawnee parks department, who becomes involved in Leslie’s (Poehler) world after Jerry (Jim O’Heir) gets mugged at one of the parks.

“Leslie feels very guilty, because she and the other people in the parks department always send Jerry to do things in the parks that they don’t want to do,” “Parks and Rec” co-creator Mike Schur tells Zap2it. “So she sets off to try to make it up to him by making the parks safer. Andy plays the head of all park security who takes her on a ridealong in a golf cart through one of the parks to show her all the problems they have.”

Schur also notes that Carl “has a very specific personality trait that makes spending time with him less than ideal.” He wouldn’t say what that trait is, but you can probably figure it out from the clip below.

Samberg continues a pretty good run of well-known guest stars on “Parks and Recreation” this season. Megan Mullally, Justin Theroux, Will Arnett and John Larroquette have already appeared on the show, and the end of the season will feature Rob Lowe in a recurring part. The use of high-profile guests is something of a change from Schur’s previous show, “The Office,” but he says it doesn’t upset the flow of “Parks.”

“Because [‘The Office’] all takes place in one room, we always felt like it would be very distracting [to have high-profile guest stars] on that show,” Schur says. “Although they have Kathy Bates on now, and I think she’s fantastic. … But from the very beginning it felt like this show is a little bit more bright and colorful than ‘The Office’ was. …

“We had Megan Mullally on and no one blinked an eye. It just seemed like a perfect fit. … That sort of gave us the go-ahead to say that there’s more. … For whatever reason, it seems like it’s less of a distraction than you would think to have sort of name people on the show.”

“Parks and Recreation” airs at 8:30 p.m. ET Thursday on NBC.

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