parks and rec coach ron 'Parks and Recreation': Deleted scenes with more of Coach Ron SwansonWhat’s better than Ron Swanson, youth basketball coach, on “Parks and Recreation”? More of Ron Swanson, youth basketball coach, on “Parks and Recreation.”

The two deleted scenes from last week’s season premiere show Ron (Nick Offerman) channeling his inner Bobby Knight as he molds the young men of Pawnee.

Offerman also tells Zap2it that while the red sweater and chair-throwing may be all Knight, Coach Swanson is also based in part on his own father.

“My dad was a junior high basketball coach through a lot of my youth, and it was a really fun gig for an 8-year-old to be the towel boy,” Offerman says. “There’s nothing more fascinating than a rack of 24 basketballs — that’s a high-dollar item when you’re 8. So I patterned a lot of Coach Swanson after my dad’s coaching technique.”

The first clip includes the Swansonian pearl of wisdom, “Zero passes is selfish. One pass is American. Two passes is communist” and also introduces the Swanson Yin-Yang of Failure (salad and sharing), the polar opposite of the Pyramid of Greatness.

You’ll also get to see Natalie Morales‘ Lucy giving Tom (Aziz Ansari) a crash course on the rules of basketball, since Tom’s hoops knowledge doesn’t extend much past seeing Shaq on “Cribs.”

The second is a more expansive examination of the Pyramid of Greatness than was featured in last week’s episode. Enjoy.

Posted by:Rick Porter