aziz ansari parks and rec 'Parks and Recreation' goes on a benderThe first of Thursday’s (May 12) two “Parks and Recreation” episodes features the Pawnee crew hitting the Snakehole Lounge for the launch of Tom’s (Aziz Ansari) new adult beverage, Snake Juice.

It’s not pretty.

Written by star Amy Poehler, “The Fight” features most of the cast playing drunk after ingesting Tom’s creation, a very alcoholic, “Kahlua-like” beverage he calls Snake Juice. Zap2it was on set last December as the cast was filming the episode, and we got to see some of the aftermath of that night. Snake Juice goes down easy but packs a rather harsh bite.

“Everyone goes to the Snakehole for this party and gets super-wasted,” Poehler told us then. “What we’ve been shooting … that’s been really fun is everyone doing really drunk talking heads. I cannot wait for the extended remix of that, the DVD version of it, because we could have done a 30-minute episode just of everyone’s drunk talk.” Indeed, there’s a series of talking-head moments about midway through the episode that A) showcases several different types of drunkenness and B) is hilarious.

The fight in the title involves a disagreement between Poehler’s Leslie and Ann (Rashida Jones), and the combination of simmering resentment and potent alcohol makes for a big blowout. Regrets — both over the drinking and the fight — abound the morning after.

We also asked Poehler who she thinks plays the best drunk. “Aziz is really good at acting super-drunk,” she says. “I’ve seen Aziz when he’s drunk, and he doesn’t get this sloppy. … And then [Chris] Pratt turns into a crazy person — he gets, like, meth eyes.”

You can see the “Parks and Rec” team get tanked when “The Fight” airs at 9:30 p.m. ET Thursday. Another episode, “Road Trip,” follows at 10.

Posted by:Rick Porter