From the man who brought you “5,000 Candles in the Wind” comes a new, inspiring anthem. Presenting “Catch Your Dream,” Leslie Knope’s campaign song from “Parks and Recreation.”

Part of Thursday’s (Feb. 18) episode dealt with Andy’s (Chris Pratt) struggles to bring the song for Leslie (Amy Poehler) together, thanks in part to the less-than-stellar vocal skills of some of Leslie’s team (we’re looking at you, Chris Traeger). But with an assist from Ron’s (Nick Offerman) alter ego, sax man Duke Silver, “Catch Your Dream” turned out just fine.

Like “5,000 Candles” and other Mouse Rat tunes, “Catch Your Dream” could end up sticking in your head for a while. Lyrically, it’s a pretty hilarious bag of mixed metaphors, with hunting and taxidermy metaphors sprinkled throughout. Our favorite bit might be the bridge, though: “Some of you may not make it back alive/But the meat is gonna taste sweet to us/Lucky few who are strong enough to survive.”

You can listen to the whole thing, including a wondrous Duke Silver solo, up above. What do you think of “Catch Your Dream”?

Posted by:Rick Porter