You saw the beginning and end of Andy and April’s impulsive road trip on Thursday’s (Nov. 3) “Parks and Recreation.” Now you can watch some of the rest of the journey too.

The show has released its first-ever set of webisodes. “Road Trip” (sponsored by Volkswagen) follows Andy (Chris Pratt) and April (Aubrey Plaza) as they set out on a marathon drive so Andy can cross seeing the Grand Canyon off his bucket list. There are a few obstacles along the way, though.

In the first episode (which is above), April nearly torpedoes the whole trip when she discovers a spider in the car. Andy then gets really excited when they reach the Four Corners (or so he thinks), and Leslie (Amy Poehler) offers up some travel tips via phone. When they finally reach their destination, April and Andy talk about settling down there.

The other three webisodes are below, and you can see photos and more at the “Road Trip” page.

Posted by:Rick Porter