kelly clarkson ron swanson 'Parks and Recreation': Kelly Clarkson wants to meet Ron Swanson“Parks and Recreation” has picked up a celebrity fan: Kelly Clarkson has professed her love for the show online, and she’s even mounting a campaign to appear on the NBC comedy.

“Here’s the deal. … I really want to be on ‘Parks and Recreation.’ It’s hilarious!” Clarkson wrote on her website earlier this week. “… I need to be in a scene with Ron Swanson [Nick Offerman].”

Clarkson acknowledges that she’s a “bad actress,” but she also has a way around that problem: “Maybe I could play a bad actress.”

She’s also asking her fans for help in getting on the show, asking them to tweet at the cast, producers and studio security involved in making “Parks and Rec” and ask them to consider her for a part. And why not? Surely Pawnee must have a community theatre group where Clarkson could play a less-than-stellar thespian.

“Parks and Rec” airs a repeat on Thursday (Oct. 20) but returns with a Halloween-themed episode on Oct. 27.

Posted by:Rick Porter