amy-poehler-parks-and-rec-knope-2012.JPGYou know those biographical films presidential campaigns make to show at the party conventions? Well, “Parks and Recreation” has made one for Leslie Knope.

The Season 5 premiere is just a week away, and we’ll follow Leslie (Amy Poehler) as she begins her term on the Pawnee City Council. As a lead-up to the Sept. 20 premiere, NBC has put together a video of the high- and lowlights of Leslie’s campaign, from the dating scandal with Ben (Adam Scott), the rally by her friends to revive her campaign and her ultimate triumph in last season’s finale. You can watch it exclusively on Zap2it for the next several hours.

It’s not the funniest “Parks and Rec” mashup you’ll ever watch — although Leslie’s “I bet these pants will work for the public” line about halfway through the video is pretty awesome — but it’s really kind of inspiring. If only all elected officials were as gung-ho and altruistic as Leslie.

“Parks and Rec” opens its fifth season on NBC at 9:30 p.m. ET Thursday, Sept. 20. Here’s the video:

Posted by:Rick Porter