joe-biden-parks-and-rec1.JPGVice President Joe Biden‘s appearance on “Parks and Recreation” Thursday (Nov. 15) will probably take up all of two minutes of screen time. It’s not even remotely the A-story in the episode.

But it’s also not every day, or year, that a sitting vice president does a cameo on a TV comedy in which the main character has a well-established crush on him. So Biden gets the headline, and the photos — Leslie (Amy Poehler) looks pretty taken, doesn’t she? — and the video montage.

As Zap2it previously reported, Ben (Adam Scott) pulls a few strings in Washington to arrange for Leslie to meet the vice president. “Parks and Rec” filmed the scene during its on-location shooting in Washington over the summer, and in both of these photos, it’s hard to tell if Poehler is in character as Leslie or just really getting a kick out of meeting the VP.

joe-biden-parks-and-rec2.JPGIt kind of works either way, frankly. If you’re not up on Leslie’s Biden obsession, this montage of Biden mentions from past episodes of the show should get you up to speed.

The main story of “Parks and Rec” this week, incidentally, deals with Leslie and April (Aubrey Plaza) clashing over April’s desire to turn Lot 48 — the pit-turned-park from the early days of the series — into a dog park. It airs at 9:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

Posted by:Rick Porter