“Parks and Recreation’s” five-week hiatus from NBC means we have gone more than a month without a Ron Swanson fix. The show is back Thursday (April 19), but we can offer a partial remedy to the lack of Swanson right now.

The clip at the top of the post shows Chris (Rob Lowe) taking Ron (Nick Offerman) to a meditation session as part of the interview process for the assistant city manager job. Ron is, as you might expect, not exactly into the idea.

The two videos below show a little bit of Offerman’s real-life Swanson-ness — some of which the “Parks and Rec” writers have incorporated into the character. Offerman is, in fact, an accomplished wood craftsman, and in the first video below he shows us how to make a Ron Swanson bobblehead. It’s an amusing enough piece that we don’t really mind that it’s an extended ad for the NBC store.

The second clip, coming in at nearly two minutes, is just Offerman sawing off a hunk of a very large piece of wood with a very large chainsaw (per the Offerman Woodshop site, all the wood he uses comes from fallen or salvage trees). It’s kind of mesmerizing.

“Parks and Rec” returns to NBC at 9:30 p.m. ET Thursday. Until then, enjoy Ron/Nick at work.

Posted by:Rick Porter