rob lowe parks and rec 320 'Parks and Recreation' preview: Rob Lowe returns (and so does DJ Roomba)Thursday’s (March 24) episode of “Parks and Recreation” will feature two significant returns.

First, and most prominently, Rob Lowe is back as Chris Traeger (after a brief, one-episode absence caused by his shooting a movie). We won’t spoil the way the show manages to bring him back to Pawnee, but as plot contrivances go, it’s a pretty well-considered one. It also involves a great piece of physical comedy at the top of the episode.

The other return isn’t as big a deal story-wise as Chris coming back to Pawnee, but for long-time fans of “Parks and Rec” it will be a special treat: DJ Roomba is back!

Thursday’s episode is called “Camping,” and it involves Leslie (Amy Poehler) taking the department on a camping retreat to brainstorm ideas to follow up the harvest festival. We’ll let Aziz Ansari explain the rest, as he tells Zap2it how Tom Haverford is not exactly an outdoorsman:

“Absolutely not,” he says. “He brings this huge tent with a big-screen TV, a recliner, a fondue machine, a toaster oven — all these unnecessary things. DJ Roomba shows up — it’s a fun episode.”

Yes, we know DJ Roomba “died” in its last appearance, but it proved so popular that the show had to resurrect him. “People love DJ Roomba, man,” Ansari says. “When DJ Roomba died, there was a collective heartbreak in America.”

The healing can now begin, starting at 9:30 p.m. ET Thursday on NBC. For now, here’s a look back at DJ Roomba’s last appearance.

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Posted by:Rick Porter