rob lowe parks and recreation live with kelly and michael gi 'Parks and Recreation': Rob Lowe on his final two episodes on 'Live with Kelly and Michael'“Parks and Recreation” star Rob Lowe talked about his upcoming departure from the show when he was a guest on “Live with Kelly and Michael” on Wednesday (Nov. 6). Even though the end is near, the actor still says he’s in denial about the whole thing.

“It is sad,” Lowe said when asked by the “Live” hosts about how he felt to be leaving the NBC comedy. “Rashida Jones and I are both leaving in two episodes — although they won’t air until the new year.”

How is Lowe dealing with going away from a program that he has always seemed to love? “I think we’re both in denial about it,” he explained with a laugh. “I’m sort of … I’m pretending it’s not even happening.”

This is not to say that Lowe is sad about any of his time playing the aggressively positive Pawnee city manager, Chris Traeger. “I was only supposed to be there for 8 episodes. I ended up being there for 88!” Lowe said, adding, “You don’t say no to Amy Poehler. When Amy says ‘Stay,’ you stay.”

Unfortunately, Lowe’s discussion of his departure — explained on “Parks and Recreation” by Chris and Ann Perkins (Jones) moving away for the sake of their upcoming baby — didn’t really account for why the actors were leaving the show. This has been a standard for Lowe. When previously asked, the actor joked that he couldn’t stand working with Poehler.

What’s next for Lowe? In addition to playing the titular role in “Killing Kennedy,” the actor is starring in “The Pro,” a potential pilot for NBC about a tennis pro at a country club.

Posted by:Laurel Brown