parks and rec winter finale nbc 'Parks and Recreation': Sean Hayes smugs it up and a winter break poll“To win an election, you have to be good and you have to be lucky.” — Leslie Knope

Thursday (March 8) night marked the winter finale (is it really still winter?) of “Parks and Recreation,” which basically means the show’s off till April 19. Thankfully, we’ll have “Community” to fill the void.

Additionally, we’ll have the warm memories of “Lucky” to keep us toasty on those cold “Parks and Rec”-less Thursday nights. Memories that include drunk Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Ron (Nick Offerman, who also wrote this week’s episode — LOVE) hooking up with Andy’s (Chris Pratt) women’s studies professor Linda.

We also saw Jack Sean Hayes as Buddy Wood (sadly no reunion with Megan Mullally was to be had — tear), which lead me to ask, why must this show keep bringing on actors I love in roles that make me loathe them? (See Kathryn Hahn as Jennifer Barkley, Bobby Newport’s new campaign manager.) Don’t get me wrong: Hayes did a fab job as the talk-show host with a bad attitude about Pawnee, referring to it as the home of “home of the Sweetums Candy Corporation, 19 toxic waste repositories and not much else.” And drunk Leslie did little to change his mind. I just really wanted him to have some grand change of heart about airing the intoxicated footage, but, of course, the kind folks at the Pawnee Municipal Airport took care of that for her.

So we know that three other candidates, in addition to Leslie and Bobby (Paul Rudd), are entering the race for Pawnee City Council: porn star Brandi Maxxx (Mara Marini), gun nut Fester Trim (Brad Leland), and an animal rights advocate. After seeing Leslie bumble her way through the interview with Wood and after last week’s face-off with Barkley — and in the spirit of all the real-life elections — I’ve got to ask:

Posted by:Jennifer Harper