parks and rec tammy 1 'Parks and Recreation': Tammy I is coming    who should play her?Good news for “Parks and Recreation” fans, potentially bad news for “Parks and Recreation” characters: We will meet Tammy I early in the coming season.

Among other revelations in co-creator Mike Schur‘s interview with TV Guide — including a story arc for Ron Swanson’s (Nick Offerman) facial hair — was this one: Ron’s first ex will be making an appearance “very early” in Season 4.

“Probably not in the first episode, but mostly likely in the second,” Schur says. “We’re working on casting her as we speak.”

The show offered the briefest glimpse of Tammy I in its season finale in May, and we know from that episode that she scares the bejesus out of Tammy II (Megan Mullally), Donna (Retta) and presumably most of the rest of the characters. Offerman has suggested Oprah Winfrey for the part, and while we’d love that, we don’t quite see it happening.

So who should get the role? Who has both the comedic chops and ability to intimidate that Tammy I seems to need?

If Jane Lynch didn’t already have a job, we could see her fitting the bill. Going another way in terms of physical stature, Julia Louis-Dreyfus might also be able to pull it off (think of Elaine at her bossiest). And, yes, Oprah.

Who would you like to see play Tammy I?

Posted by:Rick Porter