parks and rec treat yoursel 'Parks and Recreation': Treat yourself to deleted scenes from 'Pawnee Rangers'If, like us, you couldn’t get enough of Thursday’s (Oct. 13) “Parks and Recreation,” then you’re in luck. Like Tom and Donna, you can treat yo’self to a couple extra bits from the episode.

The first deleted scene finds Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Ron (Nick Offerman) delivering pre-camping trip pep talks to their young charges in the Pawnee Goddesses and Rangers. But where Leslie wants her girls to get pumped for a weekend of fun, wonder and a special hybrid of the two known as “funder,” Ron wants his Ranger boys to punch him in the stomach on the way out: “And don’t hold back, because the b***h that is Mother Nature won’t either.”

Next, we’re treated to a couple of outtakes from Tom (Aziz Ansari), Donna (Retta) and a reluctant Ben (Adam Scott) on their Treat Yo’Self odyssey, followed by Ben apologizing for his Batsuited crying jag and Tom turning it around into another Batman joke. But — surprise! — Ben rolls with it, because, well, who wouldn’t want to be Batman? (We also love the look on Donna’s face right before the clip ends.)

Enjoy the extra scenes:

Posted by:Rick Porter