rob lowe brothers and sisters 320 'Parks and Recreation': Will you show up for Rob Lowe's debut?Will you show up for Rob Lowe‘s inaugural episode of “Parks and Recreation”

Korbi TV thinks you should. 
For those concerned about Lowe’s presence messing up the near-perfect comedy pitch “P and R” has hit this season, stop worrying and just watch Thursday (May 13) night. 
It is not his “Brothers and Sisters” character who is coming to Pawnee, quite the opposite. How would I describe the guy he’s playing? Chris is uber-positive, intense — he might want to consult a physician about lowering that daily ritalin dosage — a little on the dorky side and yet, as Leslie (Amy Poehler) notes after their first meeting, looking into his eyes is like staring into the sun… or something like that. I think she meant it in a nice way. She clearly didn’t realize how on-the-nose her observation was.  
Anyhoo, definitely worth your time to pop by Pawnee this Thursday as Chris and his partner Rob (Adam Scott of “Party Down” fame) swoop in as state budget auditors, attempting to reduce the small town’s deficit. The hatred that quickly develops between Leslie and Rob definitely makes for a couple cackle-out-loud moments. Plus, Chris may or may not be making out with Ann (Rashida Jones). Also, it’s April’s birthday and the saga between her and Andy continues…

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Photo credit: ABC
Posted by:Korbi Ghosh