Our favorite “Glee” cheerleading tyrant, Jane Lynch, makes her triumphant return to “Party Down” in the June 25 season finale. When “Glee” went into production, Lynch left her gig as Constance Carmell on “Party Down,” disappointing many of her cast mates (though they all promise that there are no hard feelings).

Ken Marino, who plays Ron Donald on “Party Down,” tells Zap2it that he has seen Lynch’s performance as Sue Sylvester. “It’s heartbreaking to me, it’s hard, because I love Jane. I’ve worked with her on several things. I have a nice, special connection with Jane, and I loved her on the show. I just thought her character was so good on ‘Party Down.'”

Marino directed the finale, and he says it wasn’t hard to keep his cast in line because after twenty episodes, they don’t require much direction. “When your friends happen to be as talented as the people I work with, it’s super easy,” he says. “Maybe the note is ‘pick up the pace.’ That’s about it.”

(And yes, if you’re wondering, that is Ryan Hansen declaring “We’re way better than ‘Glee’!” in the background.)

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie