lil bit taylor daddy ryan party down south season 2 'Party Down South' Season 2 finale: Are Lil Bit and Daddy together?On the Season 2 finale of “Party Down South,” the big issue was whether Taylor “Lil Bit” and Ryan “Big Daddy” would end up together. When we last left the Down South-ers, Lil Bit had gone chasing after Daddy to confess her feelings for him.

When we pick things up, Lil Bit pulls Daddy out of the van and tells him she likes him, batting her big eyes and smiling up at him. He hugs her, says they’ll talk about it later and then goes off to drink and shoot pool.

Tiffany thinks Lil Bit would be the best thing to ever happen to Daddy, but would she really? Isn’t she kind of insane? It kind of seems like Lil Bit’s brand of crazy would just feed into Daddy’s won’t-grow-up issues and all hell would break loose.

Meanwhile, it’s Mattie’s birthday and her feelings are hurt because nobody seems to care. She drunkenly cries about it to Lyle and when he doesn’t give her the desired response, she brings up his daughter — someone on this show has a kid?! Who is taking care of it?! — and Lyle loses his mind. He puts his hand through a wall.

The next day all is forgiven, once everyone is properly hydrated and whatnot. And since the next day is Mattie’s actual birthday, she’s delighted to go swimming in a field and get cake smushed in her face. As one usually is.

Later that night, Lil Bit decides she needs to know how Daddy feels about her, so she gets in his bed to “clear things up.” They start making out. Lil Bit is pleased.

But of course, vacation is over and Lil Bit has Grant back at home. She talks to him on the phone later and he’s already mad at her before he even knows anything about Daddy — then Grant breaks up with her right on the spot.

Daddy, however, isn’t really ready to jump right into some kind of serious relationship like everybody seems to think they are, while Lil Bit says, “I’m going to be in Daddy’s bed a lot.”

Fast forward to the reunion special. Lil Bit skips out, so no one can confront her about leading Daddy on all season. But by reunion’s end, Daddy reveals that he and Lil Bit ended things shortly after the show wrapped — but the real shocker is that Lil Bit isn’t in contact with anyone from the show.

What will that mean for Season 3?

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