Patti Smith.jpgSinger Patti Smith has just announced her first studio album in eight years. “Banga” will drop June 5, 2012 from Columbia records. The first single, “April Fool” featuring Tom Verlaine has been released, appropriately, on April Fool’s Day on iTunes, Rolling Stone reports.

According to a statement from the singer/songwriter, “There is an exploratory spirit in the songs that make up Banga,
including a melodic overture imagining the voyage of Amerigo Vespucci to
the New World in 1497 (‘Amerigo’), a rock song for the people of Japan
in the wake of last years earthquake (‘Fuji-san’), a classic ballad in
memory of Amy Winehouse (‘This Is the Girl’), an improvised meditation
on art and nature (‘Constantine’s Dream’) as well as a birthday song
written for her friend Johnny Depp (‘Nine’).”

This is Smith’s 11th studio album. Her last one was 2004’s “trampin.” You can preview “April Fool” on iTunes now. A birthday song for Johnny Depp? Intriguing. Let us know what you think of the single.

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