patton oswalt twitter jokes controversy gi Patton Oswalt tweets a long form joke, invites controversy

Patton Oswalt is incredible when it comes to stirring up thoughtful, pointed controversy. But this past weekend, the comedian and actor surpassed even himself with a string of Twitter jokes. Taken separately, many seemed to be horrifying statements on racism and other controversial issues.

When read together, however, everything turned into a strange and electrifying running joke.

The tweets were posted over several hours on Saturday (Aug. 17). In each case, a first tweet set up the joke by saying something reasonable and interesting. Then it got interesting: Most of those messages ended abruptly, mid-sentence or mid-word. A second tweet showed why. Read by itself, that second message was almost always offensive or just plain horrifying.

Because it’s the Internet, some people didn’t catch the joke. And when that happened, the joke got even more fascinating. The offended posted such messages to Oswalt as: “@pattonoswalt Believes in white privilege. Could you spare some magical white privilege,cuz I’d like s*** to fall out of the sky for me too?”

Some people really do miss the humor in these things.

Want to follow along with the epic Twitter joke? Here are screengrabs of all of the tweets. Warning: NSFW at times.


patton oswalt twitter jokes racism controversy 3 Patton Oswalt tweets a long form joke, invites controversy

Posted by:Laurel Brown