patty duke george tekai Patty Duke geeks out with George Takei in 'Star Trek' Social Security PSAsSenior citizens, we have a viral marketing campaign just for you.

Oscar-winning child star Patty Duke appears alongside “Star Trek” icon George Takei in a new batch of public service announcements put out by the Social Security Administration.

Dressed in U.S.S. Enterprise uniforms — or at least Halloween costume versions of them — Duke and Takei advise us that filing for social security benefits online is not as scary as it sounds.

Duke (64) explains to Takei (73) that it’s so easy, even William Shatner could do it. (Zing!)

Not so fast, Patty.  Have you seen how quickly he navigates

Both spots, in their awkward glory, ahead:

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell