"Head Over Heels,” an amusing short film written/directed by character actor Paul

Dooley (“Sixteen Candles,” “Breaking Away”) and starring comic icons Tim

Conway, Bob Balaban, Jeffrey Tambor and the late Harvey Korman is part of the Hollywood Comedy Film Festival program.

The idea behind “Head Over Heels,” was to tell a story

without faces.

 While Dooley initially experimented with various body parts

(reminiscent of many '30s films — a hand on a gun, lighting a cigarette — and the opening scene of “The Big Chill”), he

eventually narrowed it down to just feet.

It's a tale of love found, lost and …?

Tim plays a warden (with a shoe secret); Korman is the

evil landlord; Paul plays love interest Johnny; and Bob plays the doctor.

After a few minutes, you don’t even miss seeing faces

and you begin to realize how expressive feet can be. 

The 28-minute short will play as part of the Shorts Program #4, and screens Oct. 24, at 5 p.m. Click here for more information.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead