beatles 1965 getty Paul McCartney letter inviting drummer to try out for Beatles up for auctionOh what might have been.

Christie’s is auctioning off a long-lost invitation for an unknown drummer to audition for the Beatles. The letter, which was found at a Liverpool yard sale, is expected to fetch approximately $11,000.

The handwritten note dated Aug. 12, 1960 comes from Paul McCartney himself. It was written just days before the band left for their famed two-month stint in Hamburg, Germany.

In the letter, McCartney says if the drummer is selected, he will receive “expenses paid 18 pounds per week.” McCartney adds, “If interested, ring Jacaranda club…and ask for a member of the ‘BEATLES.'”

The band ended up going with Pete Best who played with the band for two years. At that point Best was dropped and Ringo Starr joined the group.

The auction is scheduled for Nov. 15.

Posted by:David Eckstein