paul mccartney rock band Paul McCartney sucks at 'Rock Band': 'I made the original records, so shut up'

Paul McCartney might have just won his 17th Grammy Award, but that doesn’t mean he’s the master of all things musical. As it turns out, he’s not especially great at “Rock Band,” the video game franchise that has a title featuring The Beatles.

During an interview with The New York Times, the subject of “Rock Band” was brought up by the interviewer. “Oh, cool. I bet you’re better at it than I am,” McCartney quipped back. “My grandkids always beat me at ‘Rock Band.’ And I say, Listen, you may beat me at ‘Rock Band,’ but I made the original records, so shut up.”

Clearly he hasn’t played “The Beatles: Rock Band” as obsessively as we have. McCartney also revealed what will happen to his recent recording where he performed with the surviving Nirvana members.

“‘Cut Me Some Slack,’ which I did with the Nirvana boys, will be on Dave Grohl‘s album. That’s his project,” McCartney said. “Really if you think about it, it should be something that a major label would dream up. [executive’s voice] ‘I want you boys to get together, and we’re going to put a lot of money behind this.’ But it wasn’t, it was just our idea and we did it in one afternoon.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz