paul mccartney michael jackson Paul McCartney to regain rights to Beatles songs currently owned by Michael Jackson

Things are looking (even more) up for Paul McCartney.

Though it’s well-known that the late Michael Jackson owned half of the copyrights to a large portion of Beatles songs, and that Sony/ATV Music Publishing owned the rest, what is not as well known is that McCartney has the chance to regain those rights back — and now he knows it too, Fader reports.

According to the US Copyright Act of 1976, songwriters are able to regain control of publishing rights on pre-1978 compositions after 56 years … which means that the former Beatle will be able to regain control over Beatles compositions from 1962 in 2018 and songs from 1970 in 2026.

McCartney only has to wait until he is 76, just a mere nine years from now, and he’ll be making even more money. Not bad for someone who is already is worth about $737 million.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum