paul mccartney james mccartney bbc gi Paul McCartney's son James gives 'hideous' interview on BBC

The son of former Beatles member Paul McCartney is stepping out of his father’s famous shadow and has released his first full album. To promote the album, James McCartney is doing a string of concerts across Europe and the United States, along with a bit of press.
He stopped by “BBC Breakfast,” giving an interview that’s being described by some on Twitter as “hideous” and a “car crash.” How could a simple interview go so wrong? It turns out McCartney doesn’t have a lot to say, and when he does it makes little sense.
When the interviewer, Bill Turnbull, comments that McCartney’s last U.S. tour sounded tiring, James replies, “Yeah.” When Turnbull presses on, asking if it actually was tiring, McCartney offers, “No, it was okay. It was good fun.”
Later, when asked if being a member of the McCartney family means learning to play “all sorts of instruments” is a prerequisite, he answers, “Is it? Not really. But for me it is … No, I don’t know.” Even a simple question, like when he started playing, couldn’t get a straight answer from James. “When I was about five. Specifically when I was about 20,” he says.
Throughout the interview, James just doesn’t seem to be excited to be there, answering questions and promoting his album. Maybe he was having an off day, though. Things got a bit better toward the end as he talked very briefly about playing live with his dad, and the music that inspires him, which it turns out is all music.
The album, “Me,” is in stores. You can see a clip of the interview below:

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