paula abdul american idol 'Dancing With the Stars': Paula Abdul betting on Jennifer GreyFrom the beginning of this season of “Dancing
With the Stars,”
Paula Abdul figured Jennifer Grey would win.

“Pretty much after seeing the first two episodes, I put my bets on Jennifer,” Abdul tells Zap2it. The former “American Idol” judge began as a dancer, and it remains her first love.

“This is the first season I was not able to watch practically anything,” she says. “I was working nonstop.”

Abdul is executive producer, a mentor and judge on CBS’ upcoming “Live to Dance,” and has been traveling the country, auditioning dancers and working on the show.

She usually follows “DWTS,” and says, “I have it TiVoed,” she says. “I try not to look online. I don’t want to know. Then somebody walked in today and said, ‘Brandy is off. Bristol [Palin] is probably going on.'”

But Grey’s grace caught her eye.

“People are happy to see her,” Abdul says.

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credit: Getty Images

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler