paula abdul live to dance Paula Abdul's 'Live to Dance': Jill and Jacob make us fall in loveWe were skeptical when it came time to watch Paula Abdul‘s “Live to Dance,” but despite our initial raised eyebrows, we found the show unexpectedly endearing. From Abdul’s touching moments with her father to the 83-year-old dancer who stays young by washing dishes with one foot in the sink, we couldn’t look away.

Of course, there were occasional missteps. Abdul can be startlingly Simon-like, scolding a few dancers for not being prepared.  “In all honesty, do you think that you rehearsed enough to come on this stage? God bless you for being honest,” she said, while we cowered on our couch.

The two-hour premiere was mostly about celebrating Paula’s wonderfulness, but one dance duo really resonated with us… and no, it wasn’t Bev and Hap, the 83- and 68-year-old who were so adorable we nearly puked.

Jill and Jacob, teenage best friends from Los Angeles, were introduced to the sweet notes of “Always Remember” by Ry Cuming. It was kind of like a CW show, when you first see that couple that’s going to take six seasons to finally get it together. The soundtrack worked – they had us swooning. “Our relationship is very confusing. We’re best friends but there’s a little bit of history,” Jacob explained. He was dancing on the street in Venice when he was offered a scholarship to her studio.

Yes. It’s just like “Step Up,” only without Channing Tatum’s weird facial expressions.

We watch them snuggle backstage as he explains, “We never really dated but I told her I care about her, and she felt the same way about me, but I don’t know. Right now we’re just really good friends.”

“We’re really close and we do care about each other, but our dream is dance, and our passion is dance, and we don’t date because they don’t want that to get in the way,” Jill added.

“Well, she doesn’t,” Jacob interrupted.

So. Freaking. Cute. Their dancing was amazing, too, mixing her classical training with his hip-hop sensibility – not that it matters. Even if they’d been awful, we’d still have been rooting for them to make it through, just because we need to see this unresolved tension through. Congrats, “Live to Dance” producers. We’re hooked.

“I love her to death,” Jacob told the judges. “Sometimes people can’t commit to things.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie