paula deen agent Paula Deen drops longtime agent Barry Weiner

Considering what scandalous pitfalls some celebrities are able to come back from, it is somewhat surprising that Paula Deen has been crucified for her admission of using the N-word and having a racist history. What doesn’t come with a surprise is the fact that Deen dropped her agent after she lost millions of dollars and a dozen endorsement deals in the racism fallout.

Agent Barry Weiner helped build Deen up to be the Food Network star she was at the high point of her career. They worked together for over a decade, and in the past Deen said he was a big part of landing her “Paula’s Home Cooking” on the Food Network way back in 2002. Now that Food Network has severed ties with Deen, it seems she was ready to leave Weiner as well.

“Paula Deen has separated from her agent,” Deen’s spokeswoman, Elana Weiss, says in a statement to the Associated Press. “She and her family thank him for the tireless effort and dedication over the many years.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz