pauladeen ham 500 Paula Deen: 'Ham tastrophy' in the face

Maybe Paula Deen should have had President Obama pardon a pig.

It was revenge of the porkers Monday morning as the Food Network cook was hit full in the face by a ham. Luckily, the celeb chef escaped from the encounter unscathed. We cannot, however, speak for the fate of the ham.

]]>Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless. Deen claimed that when she was holding the ham, she was reminded of the heft of a football. Well, there’s a reason why it’s called the pigskin. After she had tossed a ham to her friend Eric, she had turned around just as he said “Back at ya,” and lobbed it back — into her face. Although Deen poked fun at herself afterwards, the video on CBS Atlanta shows how shocking and rather frightening the incident was. In a CNN report below, you can see the lead up to the incident. “I just got hit with a hog, so what can I expect?” drawled Deen about the tenderness around her nose. “I ran head on into a hog.” Later, Deen took to her Twitter account to promote the charity and wasn’t above laughing at what she called her “ham-tastrophy.” “Y’all are so sweet, yes, I’m fine,” she added in a later post. “Now get out there and give till it hurts (maybe not ham to the face hurts).” The beloved Southern chef is known for her love of butter and pork products, so perhaps it was just a matter of time before she saw a pig fly. Feel better, Paula, and may we suggest a side of ham with your turkey this Thanksgiving? Follow Zap2it on Twitter for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. Related: Alton Brown’s ‘Good Eats’ best-ever turkey brine recipe Photo credit: CBS Atlanta

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen