paula deen total loss gi Paula Deen: How much money has she lost since her N word controversy?

Paula Deen‘s supporters have been dropping like flies since she admitted to using the N-word in a recent deposition. But just how much has she lost? Partners like Wal-Mart, Food Network and publisher Ballantine Books have all parted ways with Deen, which means a big chunk of her annual income has faded away.

The New York Daily News did some research, and is reporting that the loss of Deen’s merchandising and licensing deals will likely end up costing her $7.5 million. In addition, the fact that she’s lost restaurant and TV deals will mean that Deen is down another $5 million. All told, that’s $12.5 million total annually.

So what is Deen left with? According to a wealth reporter at Forbes, just $4.5 million — and that number could continue to drop. Many companies like Walgreens, Home Depot, Target and more are currently phasing out Deen’s products. Better stock up on her cookware while you have the chance.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz