paula deen dwts apprentice rumor Paula Deen to 'Dancing With the Stars'? Or maybe 'Celebrity Apprentice'?Paula Deen is a woman without a network in the wake of the firestorm over her long-ago use of a racial slur. Many of the companies she did business with have also dropped her.

But the warm and non-judgmental embrace of reality TV could be waiting for her.

VH1’s morning show “The Gossip Table” devoted a segment to Deen’s TV options on Friday (June 28), with host Rob Shuter saying, “It’s been reported* that she has been approached by ‘Dancing With the Stars.’

(*Reported by whom other than Shuter himself is unclear. Nice trick, that.)

Deen has, in fact, been part of the “Dancing With the Stars” rumor mill before, but that was back in January 2012 following her coming clean about having diabetes.

A “Celebrity Apprentice” spot could also be open for Deen. Fellow “Gossip Table” host Delaina Dixon says she spoke with “Apprentice” star Donald Trump, and he all but invited her to join the NBC show. Assuming, of course, that the network actually picks it up for next season, which hasn’t happened yet.

Watch the “Gossip Table” segment below. What do you think? Would a show like “DWTS” or “Celebrity Apprentice” be good image rehab for Deen?

Posted by:Rick Porter