pauly d jersey shore mtv Pauly D weighs in on 'The Situation's' situationPauly D, the DJ with the singular hairstyle, weighs in on the situation with “The Situation.”
“It’s a good move with rehab,” Pauly D says. “I had no idea that he had a problem. And whatever it is, I support him, and hope he gets better because I want to do season six with him. I wish him well and hope he gets better.”
“Jersey Shore” housemate Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, famous for lifting his shirt and showing off his abs — and banned from that very move while in rehab — is reportedly working to beat his addiction to prescription drugs and alcohol.
While driving from his home in Rhode Island to New York, Pauly D tells Zap2it, “This is good news.”
The fifth season of “Jersey Shore” ended on March 15. On Thursday (March 29) “The Pauly D Project” premieres on MTV, making the show about the DJ and his posse getting a huge deal in Vegas the first of the “Jersey Shore” spinoff shows.
And it means that those going through withdrawal from the tanned, coiffed and toned GTL gang need not go a week without one of them.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler