Let’s just get this out of the way. I tuned into Tuesday’s (March 27) episode of Pussycat Dolls expecting to witness a much-hyped catfight between Asia and whomever dared to get in her way. I mean, just imagine the beauty of it: Pussycat … catfight ….

Unfortunately, the promised tussle never happened. Instead, viewers got treated to yet another episode in which the girls’ various insecurities or inabilities to deal with stress spell their downfall.

The theme this week — creativity — was about "making it your own." How is that different from creating a persona last week or exhibiting confidence to be yourself before that?

At least in the immunity challenge, the girls actually did have to exhibit creativity by choreographing their own "sexy" dance. The girls, especially Melissa S., were all in a tizzy because they got to pair up with real live boys for the challenge.

This was the most hilarious part of the whole show since the girls’ concepts of sexiness are so different. While Melissa S. had some trouble breaking out of her "girl next door" shell, Chelsea really delivered something strange and raunchy. Sisely had interesting choreography, but it was Mariela and her partner that really brought home passion and sensuality out on the dance floor, thus winning Mariela immunity.

Meanwhile, the seven remaining girls had been split up, with Asia leading Sisely and the two Melissas to perform "Don’t Leave Me This Way." They hadn’t been working well together, and things just got worse when later, during dinner, Sisely made a comment about how Asia dances like a drag queen.

All this culminated in the girls confronting Asia’s sensitivity; her revelation that she had to go to court once for fighting; and then Sisely having another weepy breakdown and going on and on about being the oldest.

During the elimination performance, Chelsea’s team of Anastacia and Mariela were solid as a group, although Mariela was lucky to have had immunity since her vocals were off. Instead, Asia and her group were disjointed and painful to watch, even the usually put-together Melissa R.

It came down to Melissa S. who wasn’t sexy enough, since a Pussycat Doll has to be sexy from within, and Sisely whom Robin can’t really talk about without labeling her as "unique." In the end, creativity might have been the theme, but uniqueness was working against the group. Sisely had to hang up her feather boa.

I admit I’m still going to be suckered in to next week’s episode in which Asia actually physically throws down with some of the girls on a carpet. Wonder what that’s all about.

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen