game of thrones mountain viper alternate fight hbo Pedro Pascal's Instagram tells a different 'Game of Thrones' fight storyIf you haven’t already scoured Pedro Pascal’s Instagram for all his amazing behind-the-scenes “Game of Thrones” photos, you’ve been missing out. It’s chock full of shots like the cast hanging out at the beach, selfies with the ever-elusive Jack Gleeson and plenty of him goofing off with BFF Lena Headey.

But Pascal also is offering up a different take on the battle between the Red Viper and the Mountain. Following the airing of “The Mountain and the Viper,” Pascal posted an image showing that he and Hafbor Julius Bjornsson are actually good friends.

And actually, is it Headey whose might was truly responsible for that OMG ending of June 1’s fight?

Honestly, we’d love to see this alternate take where the Mountain sent Cersei Lannister as his champion to fight Oberyn Martell. Maybe then he wouldn’t have quite a headache.
“Game of Thrones” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz