penny dreadful 108 recap showtime 'Penny Dreadful' Season 1, episode 8 recap: 'Grand Guignol'

Just like that, the first season of “Penny Dreadful” has come to a seriously crazy end. The show did a good job of wrapping up most of the loose ends that were left hanging, while also giving some ideas about the direction Season 2 will take.
First and foremost, Mina’s story has reached its conclusion. The group tracked her to the Grand Guignol theater, where she attempted to take Vanessa as the Master’s bride. Instead, she took a bullet from her dad. Sir Malcolm Murray finally made the right choice, sacrificing his lost daughter for the living woman who has been like one all along.
After suffering through most of the season, Brona also died. However, her death was due to suffocation by Victor. As it was, she was on the verge of death anyway. Still, he had an ulterior motive in mind.
Caliban was banished from the theater after believing Maude, the actress he had feelings for, was romantically interested in him. When he had his move, she denied him and he got forceful. Caliban stopped himself  before it was too late, but was made to leave the crew.
Returning to Victor, he wanted nothing more than to die. He realized his life wasn’t worth living and asked Victor to kill him. The doctor couldn’t do that, though. Instead he set out to finally his his monster a bride. Enter the corpse of Brona, who Victor will use to create a love for his creature.
Finally, the most intriguing thing of all, Ethan made a change some fans saw coming. When faced with having to return in shackles to the United States as a prisoner, Ethan instead turns into a werewolf. Yes, you read that right. Ethan is a werewolf and he ripped apart the men who were after him. That was definitely a strange and scary moment.
Now the only question is whether they’ll find a cohesive bond for next season. The search for Mina helped hold everything together, giving the main characters all reasons to keep going. What will provide that now?
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