Wentworthmiller_dominicpurcell_prisIn one sublime early scene of Monday (March 26) night’s Prison Break, viewers were treated to the following puzzle: T-Bag fled a Panamanian hotel followed by the two least stealthy G-men ever. Those two were, in turn, followed by Michael, Sucre and Bellick, blending in every bit as poorly. Those fugitives were, in turn, followed by Mahone, twitchy and out-of-place as ever. And Mahone, finally, was being followed by Lincoln, eyes bugging with a "I was nearly on a boat to total freedom and now I have to trail my baby brother through the streets of the Third World country" fury. It became a delicious Prison Break conga line.

[I’m not going to say much about this week’s episode, but what I do say will probably spoil things for you.]

As long as they stayed down in Panama, the season’s penultimate episode maintained that level of goofy, twisty fun, teaming a variety of characters who haven’t spent enough time together lately. You hade Bellick greeting Michael with an enthusiastic "Que paso, Scofield." You had Mahone and Lincoln brawling in an abandoned apartment. You had T-Bag offering Scofield incentives to split the money and depart ("Don’t let your priiiiiide get in the way, pretty."), urging him to just take his cash and go tattoo his legs. Then, best of all, you had T-Bag realizing that Scofield wanted to end things and announcing, "Bring it, Bitch," as only Robert Knepper can.

Sarahwaynecallies_prisonbreak_240The Panama scenes mostly made up for how risible the action was back in Chicago, where somehow, in only a week, they managed to arraign, charge and try Dr. Tancredi, perhaps spurred on by the same ambitious DA who got Bellick, charged, tried, sentenced and incarcerated in 12 hours. The wheels of justice spin at variable rates on Prison Break. And who didn’t know that Kellerman — saved from the most stereotypical suicide in screen history — would come to Tancredi’s rescue at the last minute? I sure suspected that would happen, but what are the odds that Secret Asian Man or the other members of the vast government conspiracy would let Kellerman within a mile of that courthouse? Do you thing his testimony might possibly be dangerous to their nefarious plans? I think they could have gotten to him.

The episode ended with Tancredi in legal limbo, T-Bag nailed to a floor, Sucre in medical peril somewhere and Bellick in prison somewhere. It also ended with Mahone holding Lincoln hostage and demanding Scofield’s boat and money in exchange for his brother. That’s a lot of balls in the air.

The big questions are coming up for next week.

Who’s gonna die? Sucre? T-Bag? Mahone? Kellerman? Michael or Lincoln?

Who’s gonna get thrown back in jail? The brothers? Bellick?

Who’s gonna escape?

Who’s gonna rise from the dead to save the day? Haywire? Haywire? Haywire?!?!?

Will we see LJ again? Or hear the name of the shadowy government program that the scary white guy mentioned to Secret Asian Man last week on the rowboat?

Will we finally find out what was with that giant foot on the beach? Ooops. Wrong frustrating show.

What do you want to happen in the finale? Any guesses on what next week’s cliffhanger will be?

Posted by:Daniel Fienberg