elizabeth banks people like us gi 'People Like Us' star Elizabeth Banks' on her character driven playlist“I’m a big fan of Regina Spektor when I have to cry,” Elizabeth Banks remarks on the music she used to get into character for her role in the new movie, “People Like Us.” 

“[Music] really is evocative for me. You know, how music, they say… Certain chords literally pull on your heart strings. Just vocally, her and Aimee Mann, and a couple other people — Rufus Wainwright — that vocal register just literally ding, ding, ding on my heartstrings.”

Breaking down the upcoming movie for Zap2It on Friday (June 15), the actress detailed the varying days of shooting the project, in theaters June 29, which pairs her with Chris Pine, as the sister he never knew he had. Based on director Alex Kurtzman’s real life narrative, Banks had a distinct approach to embodying the shifting moods in her part, a journey that carried her on a revolving tidal wave as great as the Pacific backdrop of the set.
“There were a lot of not fun days on set,” Banks recalls. “There were some days when we drove up the coast to Malibu, and we got to hang out in this beautiful car and have fun together and it was a very glamorous, movie-making, fabulous day.” 
“And then there were other days, when we had to fight,” she continues. “I was like, ‘Well, I’m gonna go sit in this corner and cry.’ And listen to my music and you know, just be alone and really face [and] remember all those other moments when I just felt really alone and haven’t been able to ask for help in my life, and struggled. And all those things. That’s what it takes, unfortunately. It takes a cataloging of all the s*** that’s happened to you.”
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