lebron james getty 'People of the Year' special to feature LeBron James interview

Airing Thursday, Nov. 25 during NBC’s “People of the Year” special, Matt Lauer sits down with everyone from a Chilean Miner rescuer to Kim Kardashian. Also on the list of other notable interviewees is the oh-so-popular LeBron James. 
The former Cleveland Cavalier shocked fans by signing on with the Miami Heat in July, 2010 and let’s just say there are a lot of people who still aren’t over it. The public scandal prompted a Nike commercial featuring the basketball star asking over and over again “What should I do?” 
In response to the public outcry against his decision, LeBron says, “You can’t live your life on someone else’s path. Just can’t do it. You never accomplish what you wanna accomplish in life.”
One cause for criticism was LeBron’s choice not to notify his former team of his intention to leave before he announced it to the public in a special aired by ESPN. A decision he says “could been handled a little bit differently.”

“I never regret anything I do, but when you look back on things, you could say ‘Well, maybe you change this or change that,” he explains. You think? We aren’t loyal to either team, but that was definitely a shady move.
One of the questions LeBron poses to viewers in his Nike ad is, “Should I believe that I’ve ruined my legacy?” Lauer asks, “Do you think you’ve damaged your legacy at all?”

“Well, thats pending. I got a lot of time,” he responds. 
You can check out said ad below. Apparently, “talk to Matt Lauer and attempt to rebuild my image” is what he thinks he should do.  

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci