peoples choice awards 2014 sandra bullock favorite movie actress gi People's Choice Awards 2014: Sandra Bullock wins, thanks 'husband' Sean Hayes

Sandra Bullock is always good for a fun speech at awards shows. The 2014 People’s Choice Awards broadcast was no exception when the “Gravity” actress won Favorite Movie Actress.

The entertaining wit began even before Bullock took the stage. Presenter Sean Hayes joked as he handed out the award that it would be awkward if his “wife,” Bullock, didn’t win. When Bullock made it to the podium, she kept the gag rolling by thanking Hayes, her “husband,” profusely, noting all the nights he was there for her.

Of course, Bullock immediately negated her own joke by kidding about voting for herself on an awful lot of lonely Friday nights. It’s not like she needed the votes though. The public covered that just fine.

Later in the speech, things moved more toward the touching end of the spectrum when Bullock praised her “The Heat” co-star — and fellow People’s Choice nominee — Melissa McCarthy. Cheerfully noting the profanity that tends to come out of McCarthy’s mouth, Bullock made her appreciation known.

The most moving bit of the speech came when Bullock moved on to thanking her young son, Louis. How often does a parent think to thank the kid who’s staying at home so mom can have a night out?

Posted by:Laurel Brown