queen latifah pca numbers People's Choice Awards by the numbers: Eminem scores, Bieber shut out and other fun factsWe watched the People’s Choice Awards Wednesday night (Jan. 5) with an eye on the numbers: Who would win the most awards? How many people voted? And just how many of the awards wouldn’t actually be presented during the broadcast because the winners didn’t show up?

Breaking down the show numerically:

Votes cast: 175,000,000, according to host Queen Latifah at the top of the broadcast. Fans were encouraged to vote early and often.

Most wins by one movie/TV show/artist: 4 each by “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” (favorite movie, favorite movie drama, favorite movie actress and favorite on-screen team), “House” (favorite TV drama, favorite TV drama actor, favorite TV drama actress and favorite TV doctor) and Eminem (favorite male artist, favorite song, favorite hip-hop artist and favorite music video; he shared the song and video awards with Rihanna for “Love the Way You Lie”).

Queen Latifah outfits: 3, not counting pre-taped segments.

Times Queen Latifah emphasized that the awards came from you, the people: Too numerous to count.

Winners who explicitly thanked “the people” for their award: At least 5.

Awards handed out on the broadcast: 21, including doubled-up ones like Katy Perry‘s win for favorite female artist and favorite online sensation.

Awards not handed out on the broadcast: 23. If you don’t come to the awards, you don’t get name-checked.

Awards won by Selena Gomez: 1, for favorite breakout artist (along with her band The Scene).

Awards won by Justin Bieber: 0. He lost to Eminem for favorite male artist and video and Gomez for breakout artist. What happened to the mighty online Bieber legions?

Posted by:Rick Porter