eric mccormack rachael leigh cook scott wolf perception season 2 premiere tnt 'Perception' Season 2 premiere poll: Are you in for another season of hallucinations?When “Perception” finished its first season on TNT, we left off with our intrepid paranoid schizophrenic neuropsychiatrist Dr. Daniel Pierce (Eric McCormack) back on his medication and putting his hallucinations at bay. But as Tuesday’s (June 25) season premiere made clear, that was short-lived.

Daniel’s already back off his meds, dating his therapist Caroline (Kelly Rowan), while still “dating” his hallucination of her, Natalie (also Rowan). Talk about a weird threesome. While there certainly wouldn’t be a show without Daniel’s hallucinations helping him solve crimes alongside Kate (Rachael Leigh Cook), it does seem like a bit of a retread for the show to so quickly undo what it did in the finale.

Will Daniel ultimately choose between Caroline and Natalie? According to McCormack, who recently spoke with reporters during a set visit, “The second episode will answer all of that.” So, an answer is only a week away, “Perception” fans.

Elsewhere in tonight’s premiere, Scott Wolf joined the cast as Donnie Ryan, Kate’s cheating soon-to-be ex-husband. He’ll be around much of the season, trying to earn Kate back and driving a wedge between her and Daniel. He seems like an amiable addition to the cast. Do you agree?

Let us know if you’re sticking around for all of Season 2, “Perception” fans, and sound off on why or why not in the comments.

Posted by:Billy Nilles